Connecting food with people who don’t have enough

I am so upset seeing TV images of farmers and food producers seemingly having no choice but to be destroying food here in the US when on the same news broadcasts we hear people don’t have enough food and are in charity food lines right in our own country. What I find so disconcerting is that we, as the self-professed “greatest economy in the history of the world” can’t find a way to connect food we can’t sell commercially — for whatever reason — with people who need food to survive. If I see ONE. MORE. STORY. about thousands of gallons of milk being disposed of, or thousands of animals being unnecessarily euthanized because the processing plants are closed or operating under diminished capacity, or truckloads of potatoes being dumped into landfills or buried, my head’s gonna explode! Un-freaking-believable!

Sadly, I have very little confidence left that elected officials will act in the best interest of ‘we the people.’ What’s worse, those in power aren’t feeling the pain of this madness… NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST. Did you notice that I didn’t call out any political party? That’s because they’re ALL culpable…culpable for not being willing to compromise on ANYTHING in earnest! WTH is wrong with our country that we can’t do better than that?!? Angry? You BET I’m angry!

Disclosure: Thanks to a dear cruise industry friend, Bruce Nierenberg, who wrote something similar to this on LinkedIn.

Let’s close this sucker out and move on to 2017!

Sorry I haven’t posted here much this year. Certainly not for lack of desire, but my business ( was VERY busy and between shooting, editing and freelancing, the year moved right on by! So since I don’t have my own year-end comments, I will share those of one of the greatest satirists of our time: Dave Barry. Dave has contributed his writing to The Miami Herald for many years, in addition to his many books, and I had the pleasure of meeting Dave when I lived in Miami. He’s rip-roarin’ funny, but usually dead on point at the same time, and here are Dave’s thoughts, in his “2016 Year In Review.” Take note that no one is spared…everyone is fair game for Dave’s pen!

Enjoy, and have a happy and prosperous–and healthy–2017!


I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER APPLE PRODUCT AGAIN…EVER!! I have an iPad that had dozens of CDs of various artists we like. Today while on vacation, I wanted to play the music and it was GONE. DELETED by Apple because I DIDN’T BUY THE MUSIC FROM THEM!! Apparently in a recent OS update, the music was wiped out. THANKS FOR THE WARNING, APPLE!! YOU GUYS REALLY, REALLY SUCK!! Interestingly enough, there are a slew of threads with this very complaint. This is the same company that wouldn’t unlock a phone to catch a terrorist, but will just wipe out someone’s music with no warning whatsoever. EPIC FAIL!!!

No Apple


Post Script: Today, I found another rant about Apple’s neanderthal behavior. And just because they bury their intention to wipe out all our non-Apple music (and other media, for that matter) in their “terms of service,” that DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT!!

Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously.



Orange County Videographer Recipient of Thumbtack Annual Award

I am extremely gratified that my business–First Impressions Video–has been acknowledged as one of Thumbtack’s “Best of 2015” award recipients in the videography category! Thanks to my loyal customers for your continued support. ‪#‎TTBestOf2015‬

Got Video? Give me a call or drop me a line…great video doesn’t have to break the bank! Check out my business website here.

New Thumbtack 2015 Cert

“The number you dialed………”

Hi, everyone! Here comes a rant, so tune out now if you don’t want to read it! Still here? OK, then…see if this sounds familiar: You answer your business line (or worse, your cell phone). It’s a “robo-call” from your own area code. The recorded message goes into a spiel warning that “your Google listing has not been claimed,” but as the business owner, you KNOW you’ve claimed it! You’re invited to “press 1 for important information,” along with (of course) a “special offer.” And you also have the option to “press 2 (or sometimes 9)” to be “removed from our list.” Have you heard this before? Bet you have!

Now here’s where it gets interesting (or aggravating…take your choice)! I had a minute or two to kill, so I called the number back, intending to admonish whoever had the guts to answer the call, since they allegedly represented Google, and Google should damn well know that I had claimed my business listing! And the response to my callback? “The number you dialed is not in service….” Really??  Well SOMEONE CALLED FROM THAT NUMBER!!!

My point to all this: Having worked at several companies that sell digital marketing services of all types, I know how this works. I’d like to think that over the years, the managements of these companies would have cleaned up this circus act—especially the part about representing Google (they don’t!). It just seems that the old “churn ‘em and burn ‘em” tactics are still alive and well and all the legitimate companies offering SEO, SEM, PPC, and other services, are getting a collective “black eye” as a result. I don’t have a beef with anyone working for a living, and these call centers provide thousands of jobs, but please don’t insult us business owners with information you know isn’t true!

In the meantime, I continue to Shake My Head on behalf of the companies out there that strive to do it right! Oh, and for the record, I pressed 2 AND 9!


Privacy…is it dying or is it DEAD??

Anyone still naive enough to think we have ANY privacy left just needs to look at this infographic. As I’ve said before, the internet is the world’s biggest innovation AND its biggest curse!! There is also an interactive version, which you can see here.




What are your thoughts regarding privacy? Do we really have it any more?

Despite this unsettling observation, be sure to have a safe and Happy New Year!



Infographic source: Business Insider &

We lost a giant yesterday

Thinking of the state of journalism today, I was motivated to publish a short remembrance on LinkedIn. I have lots of writer friends on Facebook and thought I’d share this there, as well as here, for the blogosphere:


4.4 and everything screeches to a halt…REALLY?!?!

COME ON PEOPLE…IT WAS A 4.4 QUAKE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! On TV this morning, Chris Schauble STOPS the morning newscast and he and his co-anchor dive under the desk. On Channel 7, Leslie Sykes does the same thing, but at least Phillip Palmer stayed cool and calm through it all. Most of the local morning programming even preempted the normal cut over to the networks at 7:00am; only NBC sensed there was “nothing (more) to see here,” and switched to the “Today Show.”

IT WAS A 4.4 FOLKS!! We should save our adrenaline for a time when we really need it. Like the 6.7 Northridge Earthquake that we experienced some 20 years ago.

My $0.02 for the day.

Musings of the last few days

I’ve been away for a while…actually, a long while. And in that time, I lost one job and started a new one; this time, my own! In late December, I actually started a video production company: First Impressions Video, and have been devoting quite a bit of time to it. I am also doing online marketing consulting, having spent the last dozen or so years in and around that space. The consequence is that I won’t be  posting here as often, and you may see a subtle shift towards more online marketing-related subject matter. That said, here are a few  recent observations, for your consideration:


So I go out to get the mail today and what is lying in the driveway? My new YELLOW PAGES! Just what we need…another 300 page paper doorstop. Hey YP publishers, it’s time to stop killing trees! I did an online marketing presentation about a year ago and I asked the audience if, by a show of hands, they: a) had a current YP, b) knew where it was, and c) actually used it in the last year. The only hands that went up were from people over 40, and most of them were quite a ways “north” of 40!!

Headline today from The Daily Online Examiner:  “Microsoft Takes Aim At Google, Says Gmail Invades Privacy.” Please tell me no one is surprised by THAT revelation?!?!

LinkedIn, you need to get your act together! Yesterday, I got two ‘connection’ invites: one from a long-time friend with whom I’m already connected; the other from a total stranger. Both of these invites were sent to an email address that is NOT associated with my LinkedIn profile. It’s hard to determine to what extent these two accounts have been hacked or compromised—especially since they’re blasting invites to email accounts that LinkedIn doesn’t (or sure as hell shouldn’t!) even know. Take heed in how you are handling our profile information, or your relevance will suffer as a result!

HEY FACEBOOK…STOP SERVING “SUGGESTED PAGE(S)” ON MY NEWS FEED!!! It’s not bad enough that you’ve got these stupid things–90% of which are neither relevant nor applicable–running down the right rail, now you’re inserting them into our feeds! Yes, I know…it’s your sandbox and we’re just playing in it, but at least do a better job of this. Too much stockholder pressure?? Just sayin’!

IMHO–two words that should be stricken from the Washington DC lexicon: “comprehensive” and “package.” And they should never, EVER be used together in a sentence! If you hear them used together by any politician or government bureaucrat, lookout…your pocket’s about to get picked–again! Irrespective of party, by the way!


That’s it…I’m done. Y’all have a great rest-of-the-week!

Here’s to the twentysomethings at NBC

I suppose I must be living under a rock because today I saw that a few weeks ago, NBC cancelled “Harry’s Law.” NOW THIS IS A CROCK!! One of the best scripted shows on TV and it gets the chop?!?! What, so they can schedule a bunch of CRAPPY REALITY SHOWS? Just what we need…more Donald Trump tripe! Give…me…a…BREAK!!! Maybe, since David E. Kelley got a new show picked up on TNT, he can persuade them to grab “Harry’s Law,” too. Read the comments section here and you’ll get a good idea of what people think about this boneheaded move by NBC.

Clearly, this decision was made by network execs that didn’t really like the demographic of the show’s audience (which includes this writer), but here’s a news flash: This demo has MONEY to buy the products & services represented by the ADVERTISING that appears during the show. It was the second most watched program only to ‘Smash,‘ with over 8 million viewers. Excuse me, those numbers don’t suck! Oh, and did I say this demo has MONEY to buy the products/services ADVERTISED during the show??

Some things just never cease to amaze me…. Kathy Bates, you and your cast did a fine job and you all certainly deserve something better than this!

Just sayin’!