An Anniversary Tribute to Someone Very Special

The year was 1993…I made this crazy decision to relocate back to California…this would be the fourth time coming back to a state I said I would NEVER return to! The purpose—aside from accepting a really cool job with Travel Weekly—was to see if there was anything to this “crush” I had on a good lookin’ girl. Some of my friends (Judy Chipman, now Keller, being one) already knew it. Not wasting any time, I proposed to this girl on Halloween (of all days!) and a few months later, on February 19, 1994, not even the Northridge Earthquake could stand in our way!

23 years later, we’re still cranking along life’s highway, and like many others, we’ve seen good and bad times. But they never got in the way of how much we cared for each other, trusted each other, valued each other, and—most importantly—loved each other. And as we celebrate our 23rd year together, the only thing left to say is…

Happy Anniversary, Laurie!