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Greetings, all…Terry Wall here! I created this blog at the badgering of several people that actually think I have something interesting to say. So I will comment on a myriad of subjects. I apologize in advance for any irreverence that I convey and just remember that these things come with an “off switch,” meaning, you don’t have to read it. I do welcome comments and your participation, and maybe together we can change the world! Notwithstanding that last altruistic comment, a couple of things about me:

Profession: Videography, which I started full-time after being laid off at the end of 2012. Hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been enjoying the ride!

Former Profession: Digital marketing. In my past, I’ve either bought or sold virtually every form of media and until 2012, I was engaged in online advertising. Prior to that, I spent 25+ years in the travel industry, mostly airline and cruise industries.

Generation: Card carrying Boomer

Politics: Card carrying Independent

A few of my favorite things: The Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, Ohio University and The United States Marine Corps. Oh, and Steven Horton and Glenna Jean Wall, my parents!

Favorite Saying #1: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” Which is the premise behind the name of my company, First Impressions Video.

Favorite Saying #2: Rule #1…don’t sweat the small sh**. Rule #2…it’s ALL small sh**!

By the way, for any that may be curious as to my blog “handle,” “Niblick” is a Scottish term for a golf club in the 9-iron/wedge category, “Ad” represents what I’ve been doing for a long time, and “Man”…well, you figure that one out! Ergo: NiblickAdMan. Now you know.

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