4.4 and everything screeches to a halt…REALLY?!?!

COME ON PEOPLE…IT WAS A 4.4 QUAKE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! On TV this morning, Chris Schauble STOPS the morning newscast and he and his co-anchor dive under the desk. http://on.today.com/1eLjahP On Channel 7, Leslie Sykes does the same thing, but at least Phillip Palmer stayed cool and calm through it all. Most of the local morning programming even preempted the normal cut over to the networks at 7:00am; only NBC sensed there was “nothing (more) to see here,” and switched to the “Today Show.”

IT WAS A 4.4 FOLKS!! We should save our adrenaline for a time when we really need it. Like the 6.7 Northridge Earthquake that we experienced some 20 years ago.

My $0.02 for the day.

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