Musings of the last few days

I’ve been away for a while…actually, a long while. And in that time, I lost one job and started a new one; this time, my own! In late December, I actually started a video production company: First Impressions Video, and have been devoting quite a bit of time to it. I am also doing online marketing consulting, having spent the last dozen or so years in and around that space. The consequence is that I won’t be  posting here as often, and you may see a subtle shift towards more online marketing-related subject matter. That said, here are a few  recent observations, for your consideration:


So I go out to get the mail today and what is lying in the driveway? My new YELLOW PAGES! Just what we need…another 300 page paper doorstop. Hey YP publishers, it’s time to stop killing trees! I did an online marketing presentation about a year ago and I asked the audience if, by a show of hands, they: a) had a current YP, b) knew where it was, and c) actually used it in the last year. The only hands that went up were from people over 40, and most of them were quite a ways “north” of 40!!

Headline today from The Daily Online Examiner:  “Microsoft Takes Aim At Google, Says Gmail Invades Privacy.” Please tell me no one is surprised by THAT revelation?!?!

LinkedIn, you need to get your act together! Yesterday, I got two ‘connection’ invites: one from a long-time friend with whom I’m already connected; the other from a total stranger. Both of these invites were sent to an email address that is NOT associated with my LinkedIn profile. It’s hard to determine to what extent these two accounts have been hacked or compromised—especially since they’re blasting invites to email accounts that LinkedIn doesn’t (or sure as hell shouldn’t!) even know. Take heed in how you are handling our profile information, or your relevance will suffer as a result!

HEY FACEBOOK…STOP SERVING “SUGGESTED PAGE(S)” ON MY NEWS FEED!!! It’s not bad enough that you’ve got these stupid things–90% of which are neither relevant nor applicable–running down the right rail, now you’re inserting them into our feeds! Yes, I know…it’s your sandbox and we’re just playing in it, but at least do a better job of this. Too much stockholder pressure?? Just sayin’!

IMHO–two words that should be stricken from the Washington DC lexicon: “comprehensive” and “package.” And they should never, EVER be used together in a sentence! If you hear them used together by any politician or government bureaucrat, lookout…your pocket’s about to get picked–again! Irrespective of party, by the way!


That’s it…I’m done. Y’all have a great rest-of-the-week!