Here’s to the twentysomethings at NBC

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Entertainment, Media, Television
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I suppose I must be living under a rock because today I saw that a few weeks ago, NBC cancelled “Harry’s Law.” NOW THIS IS A CROCK!! One of the best scripted shows on TV and it gets the chop?!?! What, so they can schedule a bunch of CRAPPY REALITY SHOWS? Just what we need…more Donald Trump tripe! Give…me…a…BREAK!!! Maybe, since David E. Kelley got a new show picked up on TNT, he can persuade them to grab “Harry’s Law,” too. Read the comments section here and you’ll get a good idea of what people think about this boneheaded move by NBC.

Clearly, this decision was made by network execs that didn’t really like the demographic of the show’s audience (which includes this writer), but here’s a news flash: This demo has MONEY to buy the products & services represented by the ADVERTISING that appears during the show. It was the second most watched program only to ‘Smash,‘ with over 8 million viewers. Excuse me, those numbers don’t suck! Oh, and did I say this demo has MONEY to buy the products/services ADVERTISED during the show??

Some things just never cease to amaze me…. Kathy Bates, you and your cast did a fine job and you all certainly deserve something better than this!

Just sayin’!

  1. Arlyn says:

    This, among many other reasons, is why many people are moving toward creating their own “networks” online. Or being solicited by websites like Hulu or Netflix to continue making their shows and just have them shown online. In fact, I am not sure if you are aware of it, but there are actual “channels” on Youtube where people are actually generating weekly content. The days of network TV are on the decline. The internet will be replacing it very soon.


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