‘Dr. Bloomberg’ steps in to limit size of sugary drinks

Man, I am just NOT comfortable with Mayor Bloomberg’s stand on this! We’re already hearing the rhetoric about how we banned smoking, and curtailed other unhealthy activities, but this puts us on an already slippery slope! The government(s)–federal, state and municipal–are in our pockets, and now they’re wanting to get onto our dinner plates and into our drinking glasses. We do have an obesity problem, but we’ve got to find a better way. Pass this kind of legislation, and what’s next? I don’t even want to think about that! When I consider the overarching dietary problems that are indeed real, it continues to beg the question: will we ever see personal responsibility return? Or will we become a culture of lemmings just waiting for the nanny state to take care of us, ’cause we can’t–or won’t–take care of ourselves?

Just sayin’!


What’s next, (former) Senator Edwards?

“John Edwards ‘not guilty’ on one count; mistrial declared on remaining charges.” I guess the village is about to get its idiot back! Now I guess the only question is: when will we start hearing about the jurors’ book deals…movie deals…etc. And no doubt John-boy will probably be doing the same…probably not too much left for him in the legal profession, I would imagine. Talk show?