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Posted: February 9, 2012 in Food
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My wife’s mom is nearly 91 years old and not in the best of health. Her state is such that there aren’t many things she can eat. One of the few things is a “Veggie Bowl,” made by Yoshinoya, a fast food restaurant popular here in California. All too often, fast food (sometimes called quick serve) restaurants don’t get the best of props, but our local Yoshinoya has singled itself out for being excellent, and particularly kind to our family. The following is a letter my wife sent to Yoshinoya corporate, along with their response. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a 5-star restaurant to deliver 5-star service! Thanks to Mr. Bhavsar and the local crew at the Costa Mesa Yoshinoya!

—–Original Message—– 
From: Laurie Wall ( 
Sent: Feb 8, 2012 2:42:09 PM 
Subject: staff/food 

I would like to tell you something about your staff and food at the Yoshinoya location on Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa, California. My nearly ninety-one year old mother’s health has been failing for the last year. She survived colon cancer surgery at eighty-seven, and has fallen twice in the last year, suffering a fractured pelvis, arm, and leg. It seems that the only food her eighty-four pound body can process is your veggie/rice bowl with extra veggies. Every other day I come into the restaurant and order two days worth of food. The  staff, which includes, Nestor the manager, Kelsey, Maria, and Paula, are all very sweet and helpful. With a smile, they ask me if I’d like the “usual”. 

When Nestor sees me, he’ll say, “hello friend, how is Momma”? He hasn’t met her, but it brings me comfort as care giving is difficult. Nestor is hard working and gracious. I have seen him clean the bathrooms and mop the floors. His staff is also hard working, and in constant motion. It’s a busy location. 

My mother eats the same food seven days a week, even though we have tried other foods. Every day that I prepare her veggies, she tells me that she never gets tired of Yoshinoya. Yesterday, I took her to the orthopedic doctor and he couldn’t believe that her arm healed so quickly. I truly believe it’s because of your food. My mother cannot process meat well, so it’s strictly veggies and rice. And, of course, pudding or ice cream for dessert. (<: 

Many thanks to your staff and food. You’ve been a life saver. 


Laurie Wall 
Costa Mesa, California 

The response from Yoshinoya:

Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 6:40 AM
To: Laurie Wall
Subject: RE: staff/food (#8242-278862994-6059)

Dear Laurie Wall, 

Thank you for contacting Yoshinoya America, Inc. We are always willing to listen to our customers whose comments are most valuable. The District Manager will be informed of your comments. It makes me very happy to hear that your mother is doing so much better and that she is well. Thank you, we were very pleased with your comments. 

Rok Bhavsar 

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