“Artisan,” eh???

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of food companies labeling their products “artisan,” when they really aren’t. Artisan pizza??? A well-known burger joint has an “artisan egg sandwich???” And one quick serve restaurant (QSR) labels their offerings “artisan fast food!!” According to folks in the know, the term “artisan” is supposed to mean a meticulously handcrafted product, made in small batches. Artisan bread, coffee, cheese…where will it all end??

Do a Google search for the term “artisan,” and you’ll get 97,400,000 results! And this includes artisan homes, furniture, films, and on and on. Kinda waters the term down, don’t you think?

Just another case of hype gone wild!! Just sayin’!

To our veterans!

I was traveling yesterday–well, at least trying to travel (REAL late getting out of LaGuardia and had to spend an unplanned night in Houston), and didn’t get to wish all my fellow Marines a happy 236th! And today, I extend thanks to all my fellow military colleagues–past, present and future–for your your magnificent gift of service. We know, more than most, that freedom truly isn’t free; our lost comrades taught us that as they paid the ultimate price!