To the Boneheaded Birthers: You were WRONG!!!

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

As the President said today, there’s more than enough to discuss without this distraction, so can we PLEASE put this to bed–once and for all. And would someone PLEASE send the Carnival Barker-in-Chief (and he KNOWS who he is!!) away–FOREVER!! Whether you agree with the President or not, we need to get beyond this and solve some of the country’s REAL problems! Oh, and props to President Obama for calling out the media for being equally complicit in this charade–especially since they’re normally his biggest supporters! Let’s see if they suck  it up and do some real journalism for a change…there’s certainly plenty of other things far more relevant to the public to report.

To all of you maniacal birthers: GET OVER IT! Keep it up on this course and you will lose any credibility you (may) have left.

Thank you.

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