Bowls, bowls…just too damn many bowl games!

I must confess that–so far–I haven’t watched one of these “wannabe bowls” from start to finish! The “Beef O’Brady Bowl?!?!?” Give me a break!!! It’s hard to get any energy up to watch any of them and right now, both the NCAA and the dreaded BCS are the hated enemies! I may watch the Sugar Bowl to see if the NCAA’s industrial-strength suck up to Ohio State pays off. I’m from Ohio…it makes me sick!!

Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away!

Well it had to happen sooner or later! Saw an article today that Kodachrome production has come to an end. We were hearing rumblings about this as far back as 2009, but as a Boomer that used Kodak film clear back in the 50s, it’s sad to hear. There are some pundits who think that Kodak itself may not be long for the world, as digital imagery–both still and motion–has taken over for good. RIP, Kodachrome!